Bosse School of Music | Private Lessons | 1 Hour | 20 Weeks [Download]

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Whether you’re a beginner musician, intermediate player, or a seasoned professional, we can help you take the next step in realizing your goals.

Our private music lessons provide students with a solid foundation in music theory & technique. From reading music, to improvising, to playing your favorite songs, we offer a comprehensive lesson program aimed at taking your skills to the next level.

Students receive periodic progress updates from our faculty comprised of a dedicated team of college degree professionals instructors offering helpful insight into areas that may need improvement.

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To redeem a gift certificate, the recipient should contact Bosse School of Music at 781.337.8500 to select a convenient day and time for their lesson. Lessons can be conducted both in-person as well as virtual, whichever the student prefers.

Lessons are available Monday through Saturday, days and evenings, all year round.

Gift certificates are non-refundable.