Bosse School of Music | Early Childhood | 30 Minutes | 4 & 8 Weeks [Download]

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When students study music at an early age, they strengthen a range of auditory skills that enhance their cognitive abilities. These benefits are far reaching and extend throughout their entire life.

Our early childhood classes are designed to provide young children with a fun and interactive experience as they begin their musical journey. In addition to fundamentals such as music notation and rhythm, students explore a wide variety of musical instruments, and learn to enjoy and appreciate music through movement, listening, playing and singing.

Our one-on-one, private lesson format allows us to give students the attention they need to learn and develop. Parents receive progress updates and suggestions on how they can continue the musical fun at home. Upon conclusion of the course, and with the recommendation of the teacher, the student may go on to enroll in private instrumental lessons.

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To redeem a gift certificate, the recipient should contact Bosse School of Music at 781.337.8500 to select a convenient day and time for their lesson. Lessons can be conducted both in-person as well as virtual, whichever the student prefers.

Lessons are available Monday through Saturday, days and evenings, all year round.

Gift certificates are non-refundable.