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About Bosse Tech

Bosse Tech offers courses in the fields of Audio Recording, Video Production, Photography, Graphic Design & Web Design. Open to kids, teens & adults, lessons are taught one-on-one on location in our professional studios and virtually around the globe where students receive hands on training in the technology that fuels the digital world from our faculty of industry professionals. Students can choose from a variety of Individual Courses, or pursue a series of sequential courses called Learning Tracks. This product is an Individual Course catered to all indivuals.

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About Nicholas Svizzero

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts Boston summa cum laude with a MBA Nick completed five separate fields of concentration within the program: Marketing, Internet Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management and Leadership & Organizational Change. Combining this with artistic sensibilities garnered by his B.A. in Music, magna cum laude, and years in the field of applicable content disciplines, Nick is an unstoppable force when it comes to both crafting advertising assets, as well as deploying them in marketing plans to astronomical results.